Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve.....

Well, it is 10:30 and I'm killing time. Santa can't visit our house for at least another hour!

What a month! I think I deserve a really cool cape.....ya know, maybe it would have a big red "S" on it ......or a "wonder woman" logo........hmmm. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who deserves a cape.

We just delivered our last gift (other than the 4 gifts Mark needs to deliver next week......oh, yeah, he needs to buy them first too.)

Uncle Scott arrived at 1:15 today. He was on a flight scheduled for yesterday but it was cancelled. So, a day late but happy still the same! The kids were coached by Mark....... that is, Z.R. and M.A. were coached by Mark to wish him a "Ear-y Christmas the minute he walked thru the door and then stick a wet finger in his ear!? I guess Mark wanted him to remember the year he came to our house for Christmas!

Our Sunday program was very nice today! M and I sang in the choir. Before church, Z.R. and M.A. helped me deliver 40 bags of clementines to our neighbor took us a full hour to drive one mile! We live in a pretty tight neighborhood. Poor M.A. got most of the uphill houses to deliver - but he didn't full of energy they are!

Dinner was nice. Honey Ham, potatoe casserole, corn and the best......HOMEMADE rolls! And this time they turned out wonderful! Yum!
Well, time to go........ MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Friday, December 15, 2006

50th Anniversary!

Tonight Mark and I went to Kelley's house for Aunt Julie and Uncle Brent's 50th Wedding Anniversary! Wow - 50 years is a long time!

It was a very nice party and at one point I looked around the room and felt like we were in Costa Mesa. Many of the people that came were from our home ward in Costa Mesa.

It was also fun to see Aunt Julie and Uncle Brent's whole family. Richard, Mark, Craig and Kelley! It has been a while since I have seen all of them in one place.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Brent look very happy. I think they have enjoyed living in Utah.

Au Revoir
AMY - How do you spell that? (Good-bye in French?)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blog Name

Well, WE CAN DO IT are the letters of four little words that hung on our closet door during the time we were dreaming of and building the beginnings of a crazy little idea called QuicKutz!

Mark and I kind of adopted this little phrase as our motto and it was a nice daily reminder that we really could do it!

Six years later, life is still full of dreams, adventures, opportunities, challenges, etc. So, We Can Do It! Family seemed like a fitting name for us. We Can Do that which we really believe in.
be-lieve -to accept as true or real.

You must first recognize truth and accept it before you can make it real.


Why Blog?

Well, I'm breaking down and giving in to a blog spot for our family. I guess because it feels like a good way to share information about our crazy day to day stuff without forcing it on anyone by sending an e-mail. So......if you find us entertaining and like to hear about the silly and the sad, the wildly preposterous and occasional calm happenings in our household - check in occasionally. Life. Never a dull moment.