Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hot Babe...

"I'm too sexy for my glasses, too sexy..." Oh yeah! Look at little L in her "sexy momma" glasses from Aunt J!!! They are so hot....Gavin had to give 'em a try too!


M & N keeping cool and keeping Louie busy!!!

Look at those handsome boys.....oh, AND smart! They know how to survive the annual Utah July HEAT WAVE!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007


YES! Katiana only needs her passport PRINTED and she can come home!!! Of course, we will have to arrange our travel, interview with the Department of Homeland Security IN HAITI and hope they don't require any DNA testing! FINALLY, we have made it to the home stretch and we can see the finish line!!!
Yeah, we are all sooooo excited!

Monday, July 9, 2007

bark!, bark! bark!, rrrrrrrr! bark!, bark! bark!

Must get water shooting device out of the water hole! bark! bark! bark!, rrrrrr bark! bark! bark!, bark! bark!.......Maggie come help me......bark! bark! bark!, rrrrrr, bark! bark! bark!.......oh you are such a princess! Just get over it and get over here and help me stop this water shooting device from floating in the water hole! bark! bark! bark!, bark! bark! bark! Ahhhhh, finally, got I must kill it! rrrrrrr, bark! bark! bark!

Why me?

Why me? How did I land here? This family I got is CRAZY....check out the other four legs I have to share my family with...he is just a big pain in my *you know what*! I have to show him I'm the boss.....and he goes and pulls tricks like that (next post). I can chase him up the hill, I can chase him out of the room when he gets too close to my favorite person, I can scare of the big bad dogs and people that walk on our sidewalk and I can do tricks for treats as good as he can.....but I WON'T get wet! Swimming is for lower class muts! yeah that's it, MUTS! I will NOT lower myself to such forms of humiliation... barking at toys floating in big bathtubs! I don't care if those toys can shoot water at you! What a dufus! Why, oh why, oh why ME?

4th of July pool fun...

Z and JP....Z loves his little cousins!
SP having fun playing with the big kids toy! This little toy is designed to pull you around *under* the water. SP's arms aren't long enough to get the blower out of his face and combined with the fact that he was wearing a floatation suit it remained partially out of the water making quite a splash! Of course, this didn't slow him down a bit! It was a bit of a problem when he aimed it down.....yep, he came up a sputtering because he hasn't quite figured out how to hold his breath yet.


flowers just make me happy!