Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mystery, Magic and Logic!?

I guess I'm just too simple to understand the "ins and outs" of the technical world! seems like "magic" to find my video, which was posted weeks ago, is now working! It is definately a "mystery" to me.

I'm certain there is some egg-head (like a brother or two of mine) who could explain to me the reason my video is now working! But, the "logical" reason for its "timely" debut is it just took four weeks to load. What does that mean. Is my computer that old?

Really, save me from the answer (if you have one) currently my brain, heart and everything in-between feels ready to explode because I have way more complicated problems to solve than this one. Oh.....and I'm training for a half-marathon so that could be part of the heart exploding feeling, not to mention the "in-between" parts like my legs and feet! (Are those parts in-between my heart and brain? Oh well, you know what I mean!) that you can *SEE* the video... you will know Marisa DID NOT GET BRACES! Instead she got a sore backside! Poor girl.