Thursday, November 8, 2007

a mouse in the house...

Well, I'm admitting we found a mouse in our house last week! Three years with no *signs* of mice....and 10:30 p.m., watching the news, I see a *flash* of something, run along the wall in my family room. So, I turned my attention to the magazines on the floor right there and sure enough right before my eyes the little critter ran back from were it came!

Something about *knowing* there is a mouse in the house creeps me out! Last time this happened Mark ended up going to the grocery store right then and there to purchase a mouse trap! (Of course, wild broom flailing was involved too)

This time I left the broom in the pantry and just kicked the house plant container where I thought the little guy was hiding, did a little creepy dance and returned to the couch disgusted we had a mouse in the house!

Funny morning as we were going through the usual routine of getting the children out the door to school.....Zac was putting on his shoes in the mud room with me saying "come here so I can squirt your hair"....and as he jammed his foot into one shoe he pulled it off quickly and sad "something fuzzy is in my shoe!" I went over and to my surprise a little mouse, on his back, looking dead was in his shoe! Of course this is when I did the creepy dance again and THEN...I realized the fuzzy little critters whiskers begin to slowly twitch! THAT IS WHEN THE really good creepy dance came out with me holding Zac's shoe and Katiana laughing and Dad and Zac completely amused ....and me screaming "what should I do with it?!" I quick, ran into the garage and thought (outloud) *put it in the trash can* which Zac protested with his sweet, sensitive heart "you can't just throw it away". I explained that it was a field mouse and I was just putting him in the trash can until I could take it across the street and let it go find a new home where it belonged! AND yes, I did take the mouse across the street to the "new house"!

We are still trying to figure out how Zac picked up his shoes and walked from the family room to the mud room without the mouse jumping out. Mark has a theory about it. He thinks the mouse was in a "stink induced coma" or "high on stink" is what I think he said......hee, hee, hee.......serves him right!